Thursday, 21 May 2015

Today in rock history 22nd May

Friday May 22nd
1950 – Bernie Taupin is born
1954 – Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) has his bar mitzvah.
1958 – Jerry Lee Lewis Arrives in London with his 14 year old bride
1962 – Jesse Valenzuela, Gin Blossoms, is born
1965 – The Beatles hit No. 1 with “Ticket To Ride” on the US charts
1966 – Bruce Springsteen, at age 16, begins his songwriting career in the back of a ’61 Mercury en route to a recording studio. He and George Theiss, the lead singer in the Boss’ first band, the Castiles, co-write “That’s What You Get” and “Baby I.”
1971 – The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” Hit No. 1 Today in the US
1976 – Paul McCartney’s Wings “Silly Love Songs” hit No. 1 in the US singles chart
2002 – Southern California alt-metal band Alien Ant Farm’s tour bus is involved in a highway crash in Spain, resulting in the Deaths of the hired bus driver and injuries to the band and crew.
2003 – The songwriters of the year crown goes to British band Coldplay at the 48th annual Ivor Novello Awards, the music industry gongs that celebrate composers.
2006 – Led Zeppelin and conductor/artistic director Valery Gergiev are awarded the 15th annual Polar Music Prize on by His Majesty King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden.
2009 – White Stripes drummer Meg White marries Jackson Smith
2011 – The end of the world was Heralded in today when Spinal Tap’s drummer, Butch Bangin’, spontaneously exploded today which started a chain reaction that began with all drummers, then all musicians, then bankers, then preists,

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