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Today in rock history 31st July

Friday 31st July
1946 – Guitarist Bob Welch, a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974, is born in Los Angeles.
1958 – Bill Berry of R.E.M. is born.
1964 – A Rolling Stones concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is stopped after only 12 minutes when violence breaks out in the audience.
1965 – In England, the Yardbirds with Jeff Beck perform at the Cleethorpes Jazz Festival.
1966 – Cream play their first gig in Windsor, England.
1966 – In Birmingham, Ala., a Beatles record-burning session is held to protest John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” remark.
1967 – After a public outcry, a London Appeals Court drops drug charges against Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Mick Jagger, also busted for drugs, has his jail sentence reduced to a conditional discharge. The Stones record “We Love You” to commemorate the event.
1971 – Bob Dylan appears at George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden.
1971 – Pink Floyd leave England to set out on their first tour of the Far East.
1971 – At a Who concert in Forest Hills, N.Y., a security guard is stabbed.
1984 – Eric Clapton leaves Roger Waters’ Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking tour in Canada after two weeks.
2012 – 10 fans trade 1979 Who tickets for a Quadraphenia Feb. show on this Day in Rock! Ten fans of English rock band The Who traded in tickets from a canceled 1979 gig in Rhode Island for entry to the group’s upcoming February show,

Timesweep 1st August

Timesweep 1st August

Part 1
1. The Sweet - Ballroom blitz
2. Led Zeppelin - Dancing days
3. Genesis - I can't dance
4. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the dark
5. Tom Petty - Mary Jane's last dance

Part 2
1. Van Halen - Dance the night away
2. David Bowie - John I'm only dancing
3. Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight
4. Billy Idol - Dancing with myself
5. Poison - Your mama don't dance
6. Aerosmith - Shup up and dance
7. Deep Purple - Black night

Part 3
1. The Grateful Dead - Touch of grey
2.  Fleetwood Mac - Big love
3.  Heart - Alone

Part 4
1.  Rolling Stones - Mixed emotions
2.  John Lennon - Watching the wheels
3.  Aerosmith - Sweet emotion

Part 5
1.  Motorhead - Ace of spades
2.  Boston - More than a feeling
3.  Guns 'N' Roses - November rain

Part 6
1.  Free - Alright now
2.  U2 - Numb
3.  The Cars - Shake it up
4.  The Cars - You might think

Part 7
1.  Stereophonics - Handbags and gladrags
2.  Neil Young - Heart of gold
3.  Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love
4.  Russ Ballard - Voices

Part 8
1.  Motley Crue - Shout at the devil
2.  Skid Row - 18 and life
3.  Lita Ford - Kiss me deadly

Part 9
1.  Oasis - Cigarettes and alcohol
2.  Beck - Loser
3.  Weezer - Buddy Holly
4.  Soundgarden - Black hole sun

Part 10
1.  The Cranberries - Zombie
2.  REM - What's the frequency Kenneth
3.  Jeff Buckley - Grace
4.  Nirvana - The man who sold the world

Part 11
1.  Stiltskin - Inside
2.  Pink Floyd - Keep talking
3.  Meatloaf - Rock and roll dreams come through

Brit Rock 1st August

Brit Rock 1st August
1.   Chuck Berry - Johnny B goode
2.   ELO - Roll over Beethoven
3.   Billy Joel - All shook up
4.   Elvis Presley - You're so square
5.   Gary US Bonds - This little girl
6.   Motorhead & Girlschool - Please don't touch
7.   Marillion - Easter
8.   Supertramp - Bloody well right
9.   Tom Petty - Mary Jane's last dance
10. Muse - Dead inside
11. Black Veil Brides - The mortician's daughter
12. Stiltskin - Inside
13. Genesis - Shipwrecked
14. Biffy Clyro - Many of horror
15. Free - Wishing well
16. Gorilla Punch Radio - No retreat
17. The Strokes - Last night
18. Tess Of The Circle - Face the changes
19. ACDC - Back in black
20. Paul Menel & The Essentials - They call her leaf
21. Peter Gabriel - Solsbury hill
22. Burn Down Rydell - Drowning
23. Yo - Shake it
24. The Hives - Hate to say I told you so
25. Michael Hutchence - Friction
26. INXS - Heaven sent
27. Focus - Hocus pocus

It's an hour of AOR for hour three
1.   White Lion - Wait
2.   Uriah Heep - Think it over
3.   Deep Purple - Love conquers all
4.   Whitesnake - Ain't no love in the heart of the city
5.   Europe - Carrie
6.   Kiss - Beth
7.   Snowy White - Bird of paradise
8.   REO Speedwagon - Take it on the run
9.   Chicago - Baby what a big surprise
10. Journey - Lights
11. Steve Perry - Oh Sherrie
12. Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you
13. The Babys - Isn't it time
14. Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful

Today in rock history 30th July

Thursday 30th July
1946 – Bassist Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond of Jethro Tull is born.
1947 – Metal guru Marc Bolan is born in London.
1957 – Damned drummer Rat Scabies – that’s the Damned – is born in Kingston-upon-Thames, England. His mother called him Chrill Miller,
1958 – Singer Kate Bush is born in Bexley, Kent,
1966 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Wild Thing,” The Troggs.
1968 – The Beatles’ Apple Boutique in London closes after heavy losses.
1975 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “One of These Nights,” Eagles.
1987 – In Philadelphia, David Bowie unveils his Glass Spider Tour, generally seen as a low point in ’80s rock excess
1996 – Tim Collins, manager of Aerosmith since 1984, is fired after a brief meeting with the band in Boston. The band claims that they are tired of being urged to represent Collins’ many social causes.
2001 – Peter Buck, guitarist for R.E.M., pleads not guilty to a series of charges relating to an alleged “air rage” incident during a transatlantic flight in April.
2003 – Police issue a warrant for Motley Crue singer Vince Neil’s arrest after he allegedly attacks a prostitute at Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch.
2003 – The Rolling Stones headline a one-day festival in Toronto to revive the city’s tourism industry following an outbreak of the SARS virus.
2006 – The endlessly fascinating W. Axl Rose is forced to abandon a Guns N’ Roses show at London’s Wembley Arena due to “low blood pressure.” Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach takes his place for the encore.
2007 – a man admitted bootlegging charges after hearing evidence from Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Today in rock history 29th July

Wednesday July 29th
1953 – Vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush is born in Toronto.
1956 – There will be a lot of joy in the Boss’s house today. Patti Scialfa of the E Street Band – and Mrs. Bruce Springsteen – is born.
1959 – John Sykes of Whitesnake is born
1965 – The Beatles’ second film – “Help!” – premieres in London. Queen Elizabeth is in attendance.
1966 – Bob Dylan is injured in a motorcycle accident near his Woodstock, N.Y., home; he goes into seclusion.
1967 – Doors: ‘Light My Fire’ US 45 is no. 1 chart topper.
1968 – The Byrds head off to South Africa to tour. However, one Byrd who isn’t going is Gram Parsons, who is protesting South African apartheid.
1970 – The Rolling Stones’ contract with Decca ends. The band informs manager Allen Klein that “neither he nor ABKCO Industries have any authority to negotiate recording contracts on their behalf” and begins to consider starting its own label.
1973 – The takings from two Led Zeppelin concerts are stolen from the group’s New York hotel. The thieves are said to have gotten away with more than $180,000.
1976 – Eric Clapton begins his first English tour in five years at Hempstead’s Pavilion Theatre.
1987 – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream introduces their Cherry Garcia flavor, named after the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.
1994 –  Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour marries Polly Samson at England’s Marylebone Registry Office.
2004 – Bobby Gillespie, singer with British rock band Primal Scream, is awarded undisclosed damagers in a libel suit against a tabloid that alleged he was having an affair with supermodel Kate Moss.
2006 – Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are married on a luxury yacht in San Tropez.
2007 – Paul Stanley of Kiss suffered heart problems.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Today in rock history 28th July

Tuesday July 28th
1945 – Rick Wright of Pink Floyd is born in London.
1949 – Steve Took, who played with Marc Bolan in T. Rex, is born.
1957 – Jerry Lee Lewis makes his TV debut on the “Steve Allen Show.”
1965 – The Who make their first appearance on British TV’s Ready Steady Go! Their managers pack the audience with mods, ensuring a rapturous reception as the band rips through “I Can’t Explain.”
1970 – Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger as the behelmeted highwayman, opens in Australia. Reception is unkind.
1973 – A crowd of 600,000 gathers for a rock festival at Watkins Glen Raceway, N.Y., to hear the Grateful Dead, the Band and the Allman Brothers Band.
1973 – Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band” is released. It will top the Billboard chart near the end of September.
1978 – In response to a fan’s request, Ted Nugent autographs his arm. With a Bowie knife.
1979 – The World Series of Rock is held at Cleveland Stadium, with Journey, Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy.
1982 – To Jackson Browne, a son. Browne and second wife Lynne Sweeney become the proud parents of Ryan Daniel Browne today.
1993 – Roger Waters marries Priscilla Phillips at the Romsey Registry Office in England this day in rock history!
1995 – Control of Jimi Hendrix’s estate is passed on to his father, James Al Hendrix, who fought a long legal battle for the rights to his son’s likeness and music.
1999 – Eddie Vedder joins Pete Townshend onstage at New York’s Supper Club to rip through “Magic Bus” and “Better Man.”
1999 – Steve Tyler of Aerosmith tells the New York Daily News he’s trying to prevent his ex-wife from printing naked photos of him in a new book. “
2004 – The second highest new entry in U.S. album charts is Van Halen’s new hits collection The Best of Both Worlds, which lands at No. 3.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Today in rock history 27th July

Monday July 27th
1955 – Chuck Berry’s debut single, “Maybellene,” enters the R&B chart.
1969 – Led Zeppelin and the Doors play the Seattle Pop Festival. But Robert Plant isn’t too impressed with Jim Morrison. He remembers, “He hung on the side of the stage and nearly toppled into the audience
1976 – Bruce Springsteen sues his former manager Mike Appel for fraud and breach of contract. Appel later files a countersuit, and ties up Springsteen’s recording the follow-up to Born to Run for the next two years.
1976 – John Lennon receives his “green card” from U.S. immigration authorities.
1977 – Led Zeppelin call off the remainder of their North American tour after Robert Plant’s son, Karac, dies
1986 – Queen becomes the first Western act since Louis Armstrong in 1964 to play in Budapest, Hungary.
1991 – Warrant lead singer Jani Lane marries model Bobbie Brown in Los Angeles.
1995 – In Montpelier, France, the Rolling Stones are joined onstage by support act Bob Dylan for a version of his “Like a Rolling Stone.”
2001 – Leon Wilkeson, bassist of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, dies in his sleep in his Jacksonville, Fla., home. He is 49.
2004 – Courtney Love is sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge. She is also ordered to attend rehab.
2006 – Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger is arrested for drunk driving after being stopped swerving in Surrey, British Columbia.

Today in rock history 26th July

Sunday July 26th
1955 – Chuck Berry’s debut single, “Maybellene,” enters the R&B chart.
1969 – Led Zeppelin and the Doors play the Seattle Pop Festival. But Robert Plant isn’t too impressed with Jim Morrison. He remembers, “He hung on the side of the stage and nearly toppled into the audience
1976 – Bruce Springsteen sues his former manager Mike Appel for fraud and breach of contract. Appel later files a countersuit, and ties up Springsteen’s recording the follow-up to Born to Run for the next two years.
1976 – John Lennon receives his “green card” from U.S. immigration authorities.
1977 – Led Zeppelin call off the remainder of their North American tour after Robert Plant’s son, Karac, dies
1986 – Queen becomes the first Western act since Louis Armstrong in 1964 to play in Budapest, Hungary.
1991 – Warrant lead singer Jani Lane marries model Bobbie Brown in Los Angeles.
1995 – In Montpelier, France, the Rolling Stones are joined onstage by support act Bob Dylan for a version of his “Like a Rolling Stone.”
2001 – Leon Wilkeson, bassist of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, dies in his sleep in his Jacksonville, Fla., home. He is 49.
2004 – Courtney Love is sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge. She is also ordered to attend rehab.
2006 – Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger is arrested for drunk driving after being stopped swerving in Surrey, British Columbia.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Today in rock history 25th July

Saturday July 25th
1942 Mick Jagger is born
1949 – Queen drummer Roger Taylor is born in Kingslynn, England, as Roger Meddows-Taylor.
1961 – There was a hole in his heart – and he was former Extreme and Van Halen singer Gary Cherone, born today.
1968 – Howlin’ Wolf plays the first of three nights at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom, supported by Quicksilver Messenger Service.
1968 – Decca pulls the Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet from its release schedule, citing problems with the sleeve
1968 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney complete “Hey Jude” during a writing session at Paul’s home.
2000 – Oasis are forced off stage at Switzerland’s Paleo Festival after being pelted with bottles and cans. A promoter says, “The arrogant, provocative attitude of Liam Gallagher is doubtless not unconnected to the reaction of the audience.”
2003 – Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain is arrested outside of their Wantagh, N.Y., date after allegedly running over a parking attendant.
2003 – Limp Bizkit abandon their set during the Chicago stop of the Summer Sanitarium tour after the crowd hurl plastic bottles at singer Fred Durst.
2003 – Mick Jagger celebrates turning 60 at a private party in Prague. Among the invitees is former Czech president Vaclev Havel, who gives Jagger a two-foot-high crystal vase.
2004 – The Darkness return to their old school in Lowestoft, England, to open a new music center. They also take part in a Q&A session with pupils.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Today in rock history 24th July

Friday July 24th
1950 – Bassist Mark Clarke of hard-rock legends Mountain and Uriah Heep is born in Liverpool, England.
1965 – Bob Dylan performs his first non-acoustic set at the Newport Folk Festival to a hostile crowd.
1966 – The Rolling Stones play San Francisco. The concert is their last American live performance with founding guitarist Brian Jones.
1968 – Eric Clapton plays lead guitar for George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
1967 – In today’s London Times appears a petition calling for the legalization of marijuana. It’s signed by the Beatles and their manager, Brian Epstein.
1969 – Led Zeppelin play Milwaukee at the Midwest Rock Festival.
1969 – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young give their first live performance at the Fillmore East in New York.
1970 – Chicago release their single “25 or 6 to 4.”
1980 – Kiss unveil their new drummer at New York’s Palladium. The newly christened Eric Carr, born Paul Caravello, is made up to look like a fox after the band decides against the hawk look.
1990 – To the Boss, a son. Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa become the proud parents of Evan James.
1992 – Bryan Adams helps two motorists whose car struck his on a highway in St. Gellen, Switzerland.
1999 – At Woodstock 99, all hell breaks loose. Fires fueled by paper plates, pizza boxes and garbage strewn around everywhere break out during a set by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
2005 – Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine sues his former bassist David Ellefson, alleging he used the name of the group without Mustaine’s permission.

Brit Rock 25th July

Brit Rock 25th July
1.   Robert Palmer - Bad case of loving you
2.   Toto - Hold the line
3.   Led Zeppelin - All my love
4.   Whitesnake - Love hunter
5.   Thin Lizzy - Black rose
6.   The Scorpions - Holiday
7.   Van Halen - Dance the night away
8.   Tom Petty - Refugee
9.   Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
10. The Knack - My Sharona
11. Meatloaf - All revved up
12. Sex Pistols - Silly thing
13. Dave Edmunds - Crawling from the wreckage
14. The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
15. Rainbow - Eyes of the world
16. Cheap Trick - I want you to want me
17. Kiss - I was made for loving you
18. ACDC - Highway to hell
19. Supertramp - Breakfast in America
20. The Eagles - Heartache tonight
21. Blackfoot - Highway song
22. Motorhead - Overkill
23. Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb
24. Status Quo - Living on an island

Hour three, no theme, just music from all over the place
1.   Vanilla Fudge - Ticket to ride
2.   The Beatles - I am the walrus
3.   The Zombies - Time of the season
4.   The Doors - Love me two times
5.   David Lee Roth - Just like paradise
6.   The Scorpions - Still loving you
7.   Poison - Your mama don't dance
8.   Alabama Shakes - Hold on
9.   The Quireboys - 7 '0 clock
10. Stryper - Calling on you
11. Crosby Stills & Nash - Marakesh express
12. Van Morrison - Moondance
13. Uriah Heep - Lady in black

Timesweep 25th July

Timesweep 25th July

Part 1
1. The Who - The real me
2. ELO - Roll over Beethoven
3. Deep Purple - Mary Long
4. Led Zeppelin - D'ya maker
5. Queen - Keep yourself alive
6. Roxy Music - Do the strand

Part 2
1. Pink Floyd - Money
2. Status Quo - Roll over lay down
3. Doobie Bros - Long train running
4. Grand Fuink Railroad - We're an American band
5. The Eagles - Desporado

Part 3
1. Bruce Springsteen - Born to run
2. Warrant - Cherry pie
3. Aerosmith - Livin' on the edge

Part 4
1. The Doors - Light my fire
2. The Eagles - One of these nights
3. The Who - 5.15

Part 5
1. Moody Blues - I'm just a singer in a rock & roll band
2. Bob Dylan - Lay lady lay
3. The Beatles - Here comes the sun

Part 6
1. Black Sabbath - NIB
2. Badfinger - Come and get it
3. Moody Blues - Question
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain

Part 7
1. Pink Floyd - Us and them
2. Rush - 2112 overture
3. T-Rex - Metal guru

Part 8
1. The Babys - Isn't it time
2. Journey - Who's crying now
3. REO Speedwagon - Take it on the run

Part 9
1. Wings - 1985
2. Elton John - Funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding

Part 10
1. Genesis - I know what I like (in your wardrobe)
2. 10CC - Rubber bullets
3. David Bowie - The Jean genie
4. Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the jar

Part 11
1. Albert Hammond - Free electric band
2. Roger Daltrey - Giving it all away
3. Mott The Hoople - All the way from Memphis
4. The Strawbs - Part of the union

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Today in rock history 23rd July

Thursday July 23rd
1950 – Bachman-Turner Overdrive guitarist Blair Thornton is born in Vancouver, British Columbia.
1955 – Chess Records releases “Maybellene,” the first single by a guitarist called Chuck Berry.
1963 – Neil Young participates in his first recording session in Winnipeg,
1965 – Awlright! Guitar god and top-hat lover Slash is born today in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
1965 – The Kinks storm through “You Really Got Me” on the TV show, Where the Action Is.
1966 – Prime Minister Harold Wilson personally reopens The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.
1977 – Judas Priest begins its first U.S. tour in Oakland, Calif., as the opening act for Led Zeppelin.
1977 – It’s a rock-promoter rumble between the forces of Led Zep manager Peter Grant and Bill Graham. Grant, Zep’s John Bonham, and two others are arrested after fighting with three of Graham’s employees at the Oakland Coliseum. The Zep crew pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges and later settles a lawsuit out of court.
1987 – The surviving Beatles sue EMI-Capitol, demanding $40 million in back royalties and the right to own their recordings. 
1993 – Nirvana plays a surprise show at the New Music Seminar at Roseland in New York City. The band showcases songs from its yet to be released album, “In Utero.”
1998 – It is announced that Iron Maiden will have to cancel the remainder of its U.S. dates due to throat troubles for vocalist Blaze Bayley, whose doctor advises him not to sing for one month.
2003 – Ozzy Osbourne’s longtime tour manager Bobby Thomson dies in his sleep prior to Ozzfest’s Detroit stop.

Today in rock history July 22nd

Wednesday July 22nd
1944 – Richard Davies of Supertramp is born.
1947 – Drummer Don Henley of the Eagles is born in Gilmer, Texas.
1964 – The Beatles take part in the Night of a Hundred Stars at the London Palladium.
1968 – The Byrds’ “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” album is released.
1986 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Sledgehammer,” Peter Gabriel. The song is the first single from Gabriel’s album “So.”
1998 – The Beastie Boys begin touring in support of their fifth release, “Hello Nasty,” at Seattle’s Key Arena.
1989 – Ringo Starr kicks off his first-ever solo tour with the All-Starr Band, featuring Joe Walsh, Billy Preston, and Clarence Clemons.
2003 – Coldplay perform the second show of a two-night stand in Sydney, Australia. The gigs are later released as their live CD/DVD.
1996 – Now Slayer just doesn’t seem to be the sort of band you’d ever accuse of being satanic. But that’s just what the angry parents of a murdered girl in California say. In their lawsuit against Slayer and American Recordings, they claim three boys were incited to kill Elyse Pahler through the group’s lyrics.
2005 – The Doors drummer John Densmore wins a ruling that keeps the other two surviving members – Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger – from using the band’s name as part of their oldies act, The Doors of the 21st Century.
2012 – Elton John is no. 1 on the UK Album charts on This Day in Rock Music History! Elton is joined by Pnau on ‘Good monring to the Night’.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Today in rock history 21st July

Tuesday July 21st
1947 – Cat Stevens (Steven Georgiou) is born in London.
1961 – Big Jim Martin, the scary-looking guitarist with Faith No More, is born in Oakland, Calif.
1971 – Jesus Christ Superstar mania seizes Pittsburgh. An audience of 13,000 packs the Civic Arena to see a special performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.
1973 – Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin crash into the album top 20 with Love, Devotion, Surrender.
1977 – In Tucson, Ariz., Linda Ronstadt joins the Rolling Stones onstage to perform “Tumbling Dice.”
1980 – Former Grateful Dead keyboardist Keith Godchaux’s car collides with a flatbed truck in Marin County, Calif. He dies two days later.
1990 – Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters stages a production of his rock opera, The Wall, in Berlin.
1993 – Bob Dylan films the video for “Blood in My Eyes” in North London.
1996 – In North Carolina, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil allegedly belts a fan trying to take his photograph. He’s arrested.

Today in rock history 20th July

Monday July 20th
1945 – John Lodge, bassist and songwriter for the Moody Blues, is born in Birmingham, England.
1947 – Carlos Santana is born n Autlan de Navarro, Mexico…
1956 – Paul Cook, drums, Sex Pistols, is born
1964 – Chris Cornell, frontman for megagroups Soundgarden and Audioslave is born in Seattle, Wash.
1965 – Bob Dylan releases “Like a Rolling Stone.” The single becomes his first major hit, reaching No. 2.
1967 – Jerry Lee Lewis kicks off his first English tour since he was hounded out of the country for being married to his 13-year-old cousin in May 1958.
1968 – Jane Asher announces that Paul McCartney has broken off their engagement.
1974 – The Doobie Brothers play England’s Knebworth Festival with the Allman Brothers and Van Morrison.
1974 – The Ramones decide to make their drummer Joey Ramone the lead vocalist.
1979 – Electric Light Orchestra takes out advertisements dedicating the release of “Don’t Bring Me Down” to Skylab.
1982 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor. The song is the theme from the film “Rocky III.”
1986 – Van Halen manager Ed Leffler is beaten up by an unknown assailant in a Dallas hotel elevator.
2004 – The Best of Both Worlds (Van Halen) is released this day
2008 – John Lydon denied claims by Kele Okereke from Bloc Party that he was racially abused and attacked by a member of the Sex Pistols’ entourage at a music festival in Barcelona.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Today in rock history 19th July

Sunday July 19th
1947 – Queen guitar king Brian May is born in Twickenham, England.
1969 – Having just turned 28, Spencer Davis decides to break up the Spencer Davis Group.
1973 – Byrds guitarist Clarence White is buried after being killed by a drunk driver. He was 29.
1974 – David Bowie wraps up his tour supporting Diamond Dogs in New York.
1975 – The Rolling Stones are joined onstage by Elton John… in Denver, Colorado
1976 – Deep Purple split up for the first time
1980 – production of The Elephant Man starring David Bowie opens in Denver.
1986 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Invisible Touch,” Genesis.
1991 – Drummer Steve Adler files suit in Los Angeles against his former band, Guns N’ Roses. The 26-year-old claims band members pressured him to use heroin and then dropped him after he entered a rehabilitation program.
2003 – The troubled Lollapalooza tour with Jane’s Addiction and Audioslave cancels an upstate New York date, citing rising production costs.
2006 – Thom Yorke has more reasons to be unhappy. The Radiohead frontman’s solo disc The Eraser debuts at No. 2 in the U.S. album charts, right below hits compilation Now That’s What I Call Music.

Today in rock history 18th July

Saturday July 18th
1929 – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – one of rock’s original showmen – is allegedly born on this date in Cleveland.
1963 – In the studio, the Beatles start recording “‘Til There Was You,” “You Really Got a Hold on Me,” and “Money (That’s What I Want).”
1964 – The Rolling Stones get their first U.K. No. 1 with “It’s All Over Now.”
1968 – The Grateful Dead release Anthem of the Sun. Their second album fails to chart.
1970 – Pink Floyd and Deep Purple play a free concert at London’s Hyde Park that attracts an audience of 20,000.
1973 – Jethro Tull sell out three nights at the Los Angeles Forum in one-and-a-half hours.
1975 – At London’s Lyceum Theater, Bob Marley & the Wailers record the concert that is featured on their album Live!
1988 – A California court upholds an earlier decision clearing Ozzy Osbourne’s song “Suicide Solution” of being responsible for a teenager taking his own life in 1984.
1994 – The Rolling Stones play a secret gig in a Toronto nightclub for their fans.
1995 – Neil Young forms the Vapor Records label with his manager, Elliot Roberts.
2006 – Pamela Anderson tells her Web site that she’s become engaged to Kid Rock – for a second time.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Today in rock history 17th July

Friday July 17th
1949 – Jon Wetton, who sang with Asia on hits like “Heat of the Moment,” is born in Derby, England.
1949 – Bassist Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath is born in Birmingham,
1968 – The full-length animated film “Yellow Submarine,” with songs by the Beatles, premieres in London.
1974 – The Moody Blues open the first quadraphonic studio in London.
1974 – The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service orders John Lennon to leave the country within 60 days.
1975 – Ringo Starr divorces his wife, Maureen Cox.
1979 – Guitarist Gary Moore leaves Thin Lizzy, to be replaced by future Ultravox member and “Do They Know It’s Christmas” songwriter Midge Ure.
1987 – Keith Richards signs with Virgin Records as a solo artist
1987 – The Ozzy Osbourne Band started a 16-week tour of US prisons.
1991 – The revamped Lynyrd Skynyrd launch their latest world tour
1994 – In Pontiac, Mich., Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley make a surprise appearance at a Kiss convention. But while browsing the stalls, they discover Kiss costumes stolen from them more than a decade ago
1996 – Chas Chandler, the Animals bassist who became Jimi Hendrix’s manager, dies in England at age 58.
2011 – Cheap Trick’s Stage Collapses on This Day in Rock! The main stage at Ottawa Bluesfest collapsed during a Cheap Trick concert as a severe thunderstorm sent the musicians and thousands of fans running for cover.

Today in rock history 16th July

Thursday July 16th
1952 – Stewart Copeland of the Police is born in Alexandria, Egypt.
1966 – Eric Clapton forms Cream with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker.
1969 – On TV tonight, it’s a meeting of the minds as Janis Joplin appears on The Dick Cavett Show.
1969 – The Who release their single “I’m Free” from Tommy. It goes to No. 37.
1976 – The Allman Brothers Band splits up.
1980 – No Nukes, a documentary film on the benefit concerts of the same name starring Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor, premieres in New York.
1984 – Roger Waters kicks off his Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking tour with Eric Clapton in Stockholm.
1992 – Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts walks off the set of Late Night With David Letterman with his quintet after a disagreement with the show’s producer.
1993 – Bob Dylan has to cancel a show in Lyon, France, due to his bad back.
1993 – In Buenos Aires, a judge throws out a case of drug possession involving Guns N’ Roses. The “drugs” were in fact just vitamins.
1996 – Drummer John Panozzo dies at the age of 49 this day in rock. John was the drummer for the band Styx.
2003 – Santana wraps up his Supernatural tour and donates $2 million to help conquer the AIDS crisis in South Africa.
2003 – Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde blocks traffic with fellow PETA protesters in front of a Paris Kentucky Fried Chicken. They also cover the restaurant’s windows in red blood.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Timesweep 18th July

Timesweep 18th July
Part 1
1. KISS - Detroit rock city
2. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
3. Heart - Crazy on you
4. Elton John - Pinball wizard
5. Be Bop Deluxe - Ships in the night

Part 2
1. The Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain
3. Led Zeppelin - When the Leevee breaks
4. Van Halen - Humans being
5. Peter Gabriel - Red rain

Part 3
1. The Clash - London calling
2. The Sex Pistols - Pretty vacant
3. Talking Heads - Psycho killer
4. The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker

Part 4
1. Don Henley - Dirty laundry
2. Judas Priest - Breaking the law
3. Bryan Adams - Cuts like a knife

Part 5
1. Uriah Heep - Easy livin'
2. Santana - She's not there
3. Queen - Spread your wings
4. Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue guitar

Part 6
1. Eddie Cochran - C'mon everybody
2. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' all over
3. Buddy Holly - You're so square
4. Elvis Presley - Don't be cruel
5. Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode

Part 7
1. Jackson Browne - Doctor my eyes
2. The Who - The real me
3. UFO - Doctor doctor
4. Robert Palmer - Bad case of loving you
5. WASP - I don't need no doctor

Part 8
1. The Yardbirds - For your love
2. The Animals - We've go to get out of this place
3. The Who - My generation
4. The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want

Part 9
1. Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight
2. ACDC - Whole lotta Rosie
3. Cheap Trick - Ain't that a shame
4. Led Zeppelin - Over the hills and far away

Part 10
1. KISS - Cold gin
2. Allman Brothers Band - Midnight rider
3. Motorhead - Ace of spades
4. Rush - Tom Sawyer

Part 11
1. Queen - One vision
2. UFO - Only you can rock me
3. Rolling Stones - Honky tonk woman
4. The Who - Summertime blues

Brit Rock 18th July

Brit Rock 18th July

1.   ACDC - Rock the blues away
2.   Aerosmith - Baby please don't go
3.   Blacklist Union - Evil eye
4.   Foo Fighters - My hero
5.   Sheryl Crow - Steve McQueen
6.   Green Day - Good riddance ( your life)
7.   Ben McKelvey - Sunday
8.   Grahm Bonnet - It's all over now, baby blue
9.   Bob Dylan - Make you feel my love
10. The Graveltones - Big money
11. The Temperance Movement - Only friend
12. Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee
13. Grateful Dead - Touch of grey
In hour two, I'm joined by Geoff Downes, from The Buggles, Asia and Yes
14. Asia - Only time will tell
15. Yes - Run through the night
16. The Buggles - The plastic age
17. Asia - Heat of the moment
18. Asia - Face on the bridge
19. Asia - Days like these
20. Yes - Long distance runaround
21.Asia - Eye in the sky
22. Supertramp - Take the long wy home

It's an hour of 1990's alternative for hour three
1.   Jane's Addiction - Been caught stealing
2.   Nirvana - In bloom
3.   REM - Radio song
4.   Green Day - Good riddance (time of your life)
5.   Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the name of
6.   Pearl Jam - Alive
7.   The Cranberries - Zombie
8.   Johnny Cash - Hurt
9.   Radiohead - Numb
10. Placebo - Nancy boy
11. Weezer - Hash pipe
12. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under the bridge
13. The Verve - Bitter sweet symphony
14. Blur - Song 2

Today in rock history 15th July

Wednesday July 15th
1952 – New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders is born
1956 – Joseph “Satch” Satriani
1958 – John Lennon’s mother, Julia, dies in a road accident in Liverpool,
1963 – Paul McCartney is busted for speeding and fined 17 pounds for the offense.
1967 – Jefferson Airplane and the Doors perform at the Anaheim Civic Center in California. Jim Morrison behaves himself.
1968 – Creedence Clearwater Revival release their self-titled debut album.
1970 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Mama Told Me Not to Come,” Three Dog Night.
1971 – Yoko Ono appears at the London department store Selfridges, where she signs copies of her book Grapefruit.
1973 – A depressed Ray Davies, balancing a beer can on his head, announces he is retiring from music during a Kinks concert at London’s White City Stadium.
1989 – Pink Floyd perform in Venice on a floating stage. Seems like a good idea. But the 200,000 people who gather to see them end up causing damage to the city’s bridges and make marble crumble from centuries-old buildings.
1999 – The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir marries his lady Natasha.
1999 – Rock drummer Tommy Lee is congratulated by a judge for abstaining from drugs and alcohol while on probation for spousal abuse.
2006 – Avril Lavigne is married to sweetheart Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 in Montecito, California.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Today in rock history 14th July

Tuesday July 14th
1941 – Guitarist Spencer Davis is born in Wales.
1967 – The Who begins its first U.S. tour, opening for Herman’s Hermits.
1969 – At the Mississippi River Rock Festival, the Band find themselves upstaged when their boss, Bob Dylan, joins them on stage for three songs. He’s introduced as “Elmer Johnson.”
1980 – Former Beatles and Stones manager Allen Klein begins a two-month jail sentence for cheating on his tax return.
1982 – Alan Parker’s film Pink Floyd’s The Wall premieres at the Leicester Square Empire in London.
1987 – Steve Miller is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1989 – Alice Cooper releases his comeback single “Poison.” It later goes to No. 7, his biggest hit since 1972’s “School’s Out.”
2003 – Skip Battin, former bassist for the Byrds and other notable country-rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s, dies near Palm Springs, Calif.,
2004 – Troubled alt.rock star Courtney Love is assigned a “legal guardian” while being treated for an undisclosed ailment in New York
2007 – a pair of glasses worn by former Beatle John Lennon sparked a bidding war after being offered for sale online.
2012 – Bruce Springsteen with Paul McCartney performs in London’s Hyde Park and gets plug pulled.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Today in rock history 13th July

Monday July 13th
1942 – Drummer Stephen Jo Bladd of the J. Geils Band is born in Boston.
1942 – Roger McGuinn of the Byrds is born in Chicago.
1967 – Herman’s Hermits kick off their North American tour in Calgary, Alberta. With The Who opening up for them,
1968 – Steppenwolf release “Born to Be Wild” to the delight of bikers everywhere. The lyrics are responsible for the term “heavy metal.” 
1969 – New York’s Flushing Meadows Singer Bowl plays host to a festival that sees sets from the Jeff Beck Group, Vanilla Fudge, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, and Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin literally play a set that no one can follow, and Vanilla Fudge pull out of the lineup rather than try to top it
1973 – Queen release their self-titled debut album.
1974 – Eric Clapton releases his hit version of “I Shot the Sheriff.”
1978 – The BBC bans the Sex Pistols song “No One Is Innocent.”
  1993 – At the All-Star baseball game in Baltimore, Rush’s Geddy Lee treats the audience to his interpretation of “Oh Canada.”
2004 – New York Dolls bassist Arthur Kane dies in Los Angeles due to complications from leukemia. He is 55.
2006 – Evanescence’s Amy Lee reveals that bassist William Boyd is the latest musician to leave her multi-platinum band
2007 – Rod Stewart collected his CBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Today in Rock History 12th July

Sunday 12th July
1952 – Bassist Phil Kramer of Iron Butterfly (“In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”) is born in Youngstown, Ohio.
1962 – The Rolling Stones make their performing debut at the Marquee Club in London.
1969 – Blind Faith makes its live debut in the United States at Madison Square Garden in New York.
1970 – A solo Janis Joplin plays her first gig backed by the Full Tilt Boogie Band in Louisville, Ky.
1979 – Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice joins Whitesnake
1992 – Police arrest Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose at New York’s Kennedy Airport on charges related to a 1991 incident at a concert in St. Louis. The singer is said to have started a melee by diving into a crowd during the Guns N’ Roses concert.
1999 – Limp Bizkit frontman and Interscope senior executive Fred Durst is arrested in St. Paul, Minn. after allegedly kicking a local security guard in the head during the band’s show at Roy Wilkins Auditorium.
2000 -A statue honoring John Lennon is unveiled in London. The sculpture is of a handgun with a knotted barrel.
2003 – Rob Halford announces he’s dusting off the leather pants to rejoin Judas Priest for a new album and tour – their first together in 13 years.
2005 – Playing with its classic lineup for the first time in more than 20 years, Pink Floyd dazzles the crowd of approximately 200,000 people at the London edition of Live 8.
2005 – Veteran rock group INXS emerges from the land down under with a new record deal and a very public search for a new singer.
2012 – Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, quits ‘American Idol’ for the following season

Friday, 10 July 2015

Today in rock history 11th July

Saturday July 11th
1960 – Richie Sambora, guitar god with Bon Jovi and owner of a great set of teeth, is born in New Jersey.
1969 – Led Zeppelin play at Laurel Pop Festival
1969 – David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” album is released
1979 – Los Angeles’ Bruin Theatre hosts the premiere of Rust Never Sleeps, a concert film directed by Neil Young.
1987 – Heart are at the top the American singles charts with their ballad, “Alone.”
1995 – R.E.M.’s Mike Mills becomes yet another rock casualty on the ill-fated Monster tour. He undergoes abdominal surgery while the band is in Germany.
1998 – MTV airs “Beastiography,” a special profiling the Beastie Boys.
1999 – Limp Bizkit started a three week run at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Significant Other’ the bands first US No.1.
2002 – the funeral of The Who’s bass player John Entwistle took place at a church in The Cotswolds. More than 200 mourners filed into the 12th century church of St Edward in Stow-on-the-wold
2004 – Lenny Kravitz, Avril Lavigne, Jamelia, Alanis Morisette, Nelly Furtado, The Corrs and Lionel Richie all play the Prince’s Trust concert held in London’s Hyde Park.
2013 – Sammy Hagar’s new album has such great talent as, Neal Schon, Joe Satriani, Nancy Wilson, Bill church.

Today in rock history 10th July

Friday July 10th
1949 – Ronnie James Dio is born in Portsmouth, N.H.
1964 – An estimated 200,000 people lines the route the Beatles take to a civic reception in Liverpool, England, where their film A Hard Day’s Night has its premiere in the North of England.
1965 – The Rolling Stones have their first American No. 1 with “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”
1966 – On The Ed Sullivan Show tonight, Ed plays host to those naughty Rolling Stones.
1968 – After they burn an American flag onstage, the Nice (“America”) are banned from London’s Royal Albert Hall.
1969 – Rolling Stone Brian Jones is buried in the Priory Road Cemetery in Cheltenham, England, following a funeral attended by the Rolling Stones minus Mick Jagger, who is in Australia filming Ned Kelly.
1975 – Cher files for divorce from Gregg Allman a mere 10 days after they were married.
1984 – Huey Lewis & the News sing the national anthem at the All-Star baseball game In San Francisco.
1986 – Jerry Garcia slips into a diabetic coma.
1994 – Guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax marries Debbie Leavitt.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Timesweep 11th July

Timesweep 11th July
Part 1
1. Deep Purple - Highway star
2. Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown traffic
3. Golden Earring - Radar love
4. Queen - I'm in love with my car
5. Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac ranch
6. Tom Cochrane - Life is a highway

Part 2
1. Lita Ford - Kiss me deadly
2. David Lee Roth - Just like paradise
3. Robert Plant - Heaven knows
4. Bon Jovi - Bad medicine
5. Living Colour - Cult of personality

Part 3
1. Led Zeppelin - Dancing days
2. The Kinks - All day and all of the night
3. Gun - Better days
4. U2 - New Year's Day

Part 4
1. Steppenwolf - Born to be wild
2. Steve Miller Band - Rockin' me
3. Pink Floyd - Learning to fly

Part 5
1. Guns 'N' Roses - Civil war
2. Whitesnake - Still of the night
3. Toto - Hold the line

Part 6
1. The Byrds - Eight miles high
2. Elton John - Funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding
3. Asia - Heat of the moment

Part 7
1. Y&T - Summertime girls
2. Bryan Adams - Summertime girls
3. David Lee Roth - Californian girls
4. ACDC - Thunderstruck

Part 8
1. Bob Dylan - Hurricane
2. The Who - Love reign over me
3. The Cult - Rain

Part 9
1. T-Rex - Deborah
2. The Doors - Hello I love you
3. Vanilla Fudge - Ticket to ride
4. The Beatles - Blackbird

Part 10
1. Steppenwolf - Magic carpet ride
2. Iron Butterfly - In a gidda di vida
3. Creedence Clearwater Revival - I put a spell on you
4. Canned Heat - On the road again

Part 11
1. Rolling Stones - Street fighting man
2. The Marbles - Only one woman
3. Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown traffic
4. Status Quo - Pictures of matchstick men.

Brit Rock 11th July

Brit Rock 11th July
1.   Green Day - When I come around
2.   Theory Of A deadman - Angel
3.   Dire Straits - Telegraph road
4.   Neil Young - After the goldrush
5.   Cream - Sunshine of your love
6.   Phoenix Calling - Traces
7.   Shinedown - Second chance
8.   Genesis - No son of mine
9.   Del Amitri - Kiss this thing goodbye
10. Marillion - Heart of Lothian
11. T-Rex - Jeepster
12. Curved Air - Back street luv
13. Santana - Black magic woman
14. Badfinger - Day after day
15. Jethro Tull - Aqualung
16. David Bowie - Oh you pretty things
17. Redbone - Witch queen on New Orleans
18. Janis Joplin - Mercedes benz
19. CCS - Walking
20. The Who - Won't get fooled again
21. Deep Purple - Strange kind of woman

It's an hour of rocking blues for hour three
1.   Gary Moore - Walking by myself
2.   George Thoroughgood - Ride on Josephine
3.   Brian Setzer - Everybody's up to something
4.   Aerosmith - Never loved a girl
5.   Walter Trout - Maybe a fool
6.   Eric Clapton - Before you accuse me
7.   Whitesnake - Trouble
8.   ZZ Top - La grange
9.   The Doors - Roadhouse blues
10. Rolling Stones - Little red rooster
11. The Animals - I'm crying
12. Canned Heat - On the road again
13. Tinsley Ellis - Highway man
14. Joe Bonamassa - Stop

Today in rock history 9th July

Thursday July 9th
1946 – Bon (Ronald Belford) Scott, lead singer of AC/DC, is born in Kirriemuir, Scotland.
1966 – The Troggs’ “Wild Thing” enters the top 40.
1971 – Jim Morrison is buried in Paris’ Pere Lachaise Cemetery, his family having disowned him. The often-vandalized grave becomes a shrine for fans.
1978 – The Rolling Stones drop in on Chicago’s Quiet Knight club to jam with hero Muddy Waters.
1990 – After complaining of an inflamed finger at a Glasgow, Scotland, concert, Keith Richards discovers the digit has gone septic. The Stones cancel their subsequent tour dates for the week, marking the first time the band has pulled out of a show due to illness.
1996 – For the first time, Deep Purple play “Smoke on the Water” in the Swiss city that inspired the tune. The band wrote “Smoke on the Water” after surviving a nightclub fire in Montreux.
1999 – The marriage between Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall is annulled in an English court.
2001 – James Hetfield, lead singer and guitarist of hard rock act Metallica, checks himself into an undisclosed rehab facility “to undergo treatment for alcoholism and other addictions.”
2003 – The White Stripes guitarist/singer Jack White is in a car accident in his native Detroit, leaving him with a compound fracture to his left index finger.
2006 – A plaque is stolen from Bon Scott’s grave in Western Australia on what would have been the late AC/DC frontman’s 60th birthday.
2010 –  SLASH Featuring MYLES KENNEDY With Special Guest FERGIE To Perform At Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Today in rock history 8th July

Wednesday July 8th
1956 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock,” Bill Haley & His Comets.
1984 – At Wembley Stadium, Bob Dylan is joined by U2’s Bono and Van Morrison. All three unite for a spin through “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.
1988 – Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico dies.
2000 – Halfway into the first song of the band’s encore for their Mannheim, Germany show, Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers falls losing his footing and plunges 10-feet off the front of the stage and into the photographers’ pit.
2003 – Canadian rockers Nickelback film the video to “Someday” with director Nigel Dick in their Vancouver hometown.
2003 – Upon the release of the 2003 UN Human Development report, U2 singer and campaigner Bono says he’s “about to bang a lot of dustbin lids” if the problem of global poverty is not addressed soon.
2003 – David Lee Roth releases Diamond Dave during the course of which he butchers – I mean, covers – The Doors’ “Soul Kitchen,” Jimi Hendrix’s “If 6 was 9″ and The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.”
2004 – Scott Weiland, formerly of Stone Temple Pilots and lately of the chart-topping Velvet Revolver, is given three years probation after being found guilty of DUI in a Los Angeles court.
2010 – Bret Michaels’ Doctors Deny Rumors That Singer Faked Medical Emergencies
2010 – Ozzy: I’d Never Have Removed Daisley And Kerslake From Albums

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Today in rock history 7th July

Today in rock history
Tuesday July 7th
1940 – Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) is born in Liverpool,
1963 – The Rolling Stones made their UK TV debut when they appeared on ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars.’
1966 – The Kinks were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Sunny Afternoon’, the group’s third and last UK No.1.
1967 – The Monkees open a national tour with little-known Jimi Hendrix as the opening act.
1968 – The Yardbirds finally call it quits, leading guitarist Jimmy Page to form the New Yardbirds in order to fulfill some tour commitments. The group, featuring Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones, becomes Led Zeppelin.
1969 – George Harrison recorded his new song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ with just two other Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at Abbey Road in London. John Lennon was absent recovering from a car crash in Scotland.
1973 – Paul McCartney & Wings release “Live and Let Die.”
1986 – David Lee Roth releases his first solo album, Eat ‘Em and Smile.
2000 – Metallica vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield aggravates a chronic back injury before a show at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.
2007 – Ozzy Osbourne became the first artist to be honoured on Birmingham’s own Hollywood-style Walk of Fame.
2010 – Paul McCartney celebrated Ringo Starr’s 70th birthday performing at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.