Friday, 6 November 2015

Today in rock history 6th November

Today in rock history Friday 6th November
1947 – Guitarist George Young of the Easybeats is born in Glasgow, Scotland. He’s also the older brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm Young.
 1948 – Glenn Frey of the Eagles is born in Detroit.
 1950 – Chris Glen, bassist with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, is born.
 1964 – Singer Corey Glover of  Living Colour is born.
 1965 – New York is hit by a citywide blackout. At the New York Hilton, Bob Dylan, Band guitarist Robbie Robertson, and pal Bob Neuwirth brave it with Brian Jones and a lot of candles.
 1965 – Jefferson Airplane play the San Francisco Mime Troupe Appeal party at the Calliope Ballroom. It’s the first concert produced by budding entrepreneur Bill Graham. 
 1966 – Born on this day, Paul Gilbert, guitarist, Mr. Big
1966 – Opening night of Bill Graham’s Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.
 1966 – Fans demonstrate outside Brian Epstein’s house in England, demanding that the Beatles perform more live concerts.
 1968 – The Monkees’ three quarter of a million dollar feature film, Head opened in New York City. Instead of being aimed at their target audience of teeny boppers, the film contained a dark theme about the manipulation of the group with walk-on appearances by inappropriate guests and scenes of Vietnam War atrocities. Reviews were harsh and the picture was a box office disaster.
 1968 – The No. 1 single in England is Joe Cocker’s interpretation of “With a Little Help From My Friends.”
 1972 – New York Dolls drummer Billy Murcia dies after mixing alcohol and pills in London.
 1973 – Phil Kaufman is fined $300 for stealing Gram Parsons’ body. Kaufman had the corpse cremated and left the ashes at the Joshua Tree monument, according, he said, to his friend’s wishes.
 1975 – The Sex Pistols make their performance debut at St. Martin’s School of Art in London. Ten minutes into the gig, the school’s social programmer pulls the plug on the band’s amplifiers.
  1980 – Led Zeppelin meet on the island of Jersey to discuss their future following John Bonham’s death.
  1986 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Amanda,” Boston. The song is from the album “Third Stage,” which was eight years in the making.
 1998 – Shock rocker-turned-glam poster-boy Marilyn Manson is the top winner at the MTV music awards.
  2007 – Meat Loaf cancelled his European tour after being diagnosed with a cyst on his vocal cords.

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