Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Today in rock history 6th Rocktober

Tuesday October 6th
1947 – Bob Weir (Robert Hall) of the Grateful Dead is born in San Francisco
1951 – REO Speedwagon singer Kevin Cronin is born in Evanston, Ill.
1966 – Big Brother & the Holding Company perform at the Love Pageant Rally in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.
1967 – California police close down San Francisco’s Matrix club during a performance by Big Brother & the Holding Company.
1967 – The UFO Club closes in London. Formerly the Blarney Club, the venue became a favorite of psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd.
1980 – In Dublin, former Sex Pistols singer Johnny Lydon is arrested after allegedly getting involved in a barroom brawl. He is later acquitted on appeal.
1994 – Glenn Frey goes under the knife today, enduring surgery on his colon.
1998 – Bruce Springsteen is in court today – a British court. He’s trying to prevent Masquerade Music from selling a CD called Before the Fame. As the title implies, the album contains recordings made before Bruce signed to Columbia Records. He later wins the case.
2000 – Three investors in Steven Seagal’s as-yet-unreleased album sue the actor, alleging that he has no intention of completing the project.
2003 – School of Rock, starring burly Tenacious D comic Jack Black as a metalhead-turned-substitute teacher, tops the U.S. box office.
2003 – One-time Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth drops his lawsuit against the band. Roth was seeking over $200,000 in unpaid royalties.
2005 – A Rolling Stones concert at the University of Virginia is stopped after the venue receives a bomb threat. The concert continues after bomb-sniffing dogs survey the stage.

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